Hi there!

I'm Awen, a current student of the technological dark arts (Computer Science) just doing my best to scrape through as my ADHD-riddled brain focuses on silly little projects like this! But alas, the impulsivity of buying a domain means that I have to use it for something - so here we are!

Other than the ADHD, I'm a wife, a mother, and a live-laugh-lover (I am not a wife nor a mother, unless you count my two pet snails) - I'm also a morning person (or I pretend to be), a Leo (Scorpio rising) and one day I hope to learn how to roller skate, like, really well. And also pass my degree (again, like, really well).

I'm sure this page has given you absolutely zero oversight to me as a person, but if you want to find me elsewhere, you can at:

✦ Via Discord at Faeryne#7457
✦ And email at

Thank you so much for stopping by!